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“I’ll just use my boss’s credit card… “

Data management via open booking process or the meaning of PCI/DSS certification for the security of company data.

“We will just use the boss’s credit card for all the employee’s travels”. This is something I hear quite often from clients regarding open booking procedures. Not that I am against this type of booking procedure, however this puts the company credit card in dire risk when booking online in an unsecure site. This should really be monitored more closely to avoid any online fraudulent activity. Many firm employees are using a company credit card to book their train, hotels and so on, solely because they are afraid of the online fraud when using their personal cards. More and more employees are using on-line secure booking portals to avoid these charges. Cyber security is, and has been on the rise.

This year there are many various flight platforms that are new on the market and make it easier to book online and proclaim that it is extremely affordable to manifest the charges. In contrast, to optimize and improve these established websites, the new online portals try to go a different direction. eWings from Berlin for example offers a streamlined booking engine with Freemium that has all the service fees in the the background, and then there is Voya, that offers a chat forum on the front page of the website to save the employees time with the online booking engine. Mvolution will offer after Easter that has a calendar function to sync with bookings. The new portal will also be offering a Travel Concierge service in the future. Everyone should be aware that all the metasearchers will carry out the airline questions given by the client.

Caution should be used when an “affordable platform” is offered short term, as this can turn into a pricy investment. You can save however on the corporate travel platform, that offers a direct link to the Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian and Brussels Airlines, freeing the distribution costs. At the same time, the “sale offers” are available the first day you utilize the site.

n order to protect the user from data breach, data misuse, the travel agency and online booking platforms that sell airline tickets starting 2019, PCI/DSS Certification will take into effect the secure online credit card payments. Credit card damages and credit card misuse is much higher on the internet, and is recommended that the consumers handle this on their own if they opt not to utilize the company secured online booking portals. It is always recommended bookings be made on a secure, online booking portal, and even if the company has an “open booking” policy, they will be protected should any cyber abuse be made. Data protection is a MUST.