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Michael Becker

Michael Becker

Michael Becker is the founder and managing director of E-travel GMBH, specializing in management consulting for Europe and North America. His consulting encompasses analyzing and optimizing the entire process of the individual´s travel needs, including associated processes to contracts with service providers. Mr. Becker´s goal is to offer a seamless booking process, as well as being able to obtain travel budget/expense reports that correspond to the traveler´s needs.

For more than two decades Mr. Becker has lead business travel into a digitalized era. Subsequently after two years of having great success with a branch travel agency, he cofounded AER Consolidator. In 1994 he and his partner formed Fides Reisen Lufthansa City Center and is also co-founder of Business Plus Lufthansa City Center, now better known as Business Center for corporate travel. In 1996 under Mr. Becker´s management, an online booking system was created. With the growing internet presence, there are now over 300 Lufthansa City Center online agencies, and over 4000 being utilized by the Lufthansa City Center travelNet.

Mr. Becker is the managing director and partner at with Fides Reisen, Inc. and has been a member of the supervisory board at Lufthansa City Center Travel Agency Partner and the online portal for 12 years until May 2019. On a local level, he is extensively involved as a member of the Berlin IHK Tourist Committee, and in the Merchants/Industrialists in Berlin.